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Vision is the most comprehensive mobile video network in the market

Created to deliver the greatest reach and performance.


Vision is a 360 degree media solution, designed to deliver optimal performance every step of the way:



  1. Uploading:
    • MP4
    • .MOV
    • 3GP
    • MPEG
    • AVI
    • ASF
    • DivX
    • FLV
    • MXF
    • VOB
    • WebM
    • Ogg
  2. Transcoding:
  3. Create video ads to serve just the way you need them

    • VAST Response Tag
    • URL Link to Vast Tags
    • JavaScript tag for media agnostic serving
    • Vision Mediation Layer

  4. Optimization for Brand Integrity:
    • Delivering the optimal file format (MP4 or WebM), aspect ratio (4:3 or 16:9) or HD, depending on the OS and device type
  5. Distribution:
    • Over 500 premium publishers, reaching 95% of all video-enabled devices. Advertisers can request full publisher transparency (with custom site lists), run of vertical or run of network delivery.

  6. Reporting:
  7. Through MobileFuse’s proprietary Dashboard, customers can see real-time campaign reporting on

    • Quartile Tracking
    • Completion Tracking
    • Post-click engagements