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MobileFuse cherry-picks its partnerships with exacting standards to guarantee a win-win-win for publishers, advertisers and our partners themselves. We choose only the best premium sites & publishers to ensure the highest level of quality; and provide publishers and advertisers with the tools needed (i.e., an easy-to-use reporting dashboard for real-time inventory monetization) that help define, measure and optimize campaign success.

Additionally, through strategic partnerships with today’s leading technology, data and rich media firms, MobileFuse is able to offer creative, comprehensive, 360-degree solutions that are unparalleled in the mobile industry.


MobileFuse is partnered with today’s premier post-click ad servers to give advertisers the best customer identification solution.

Our data partners include:

exelate acxiompeer 39AdAdvisorbluekaiv12 groupdatalogixcomScoreubimo


Our top social targeting partners include Linkable Networks and Social Media. Here are some ways those partnerships help us tap into the social media market optimize advertising results for each campaign:

Linkable Networks. This partnership helps provide advertisers with the ability to offer mobile coupons that track in-store purchases. MobileFuse is then able to provide advertisers with insight into how consumers interact with their brand on mobile phones and tablets; while advertisers are able to track purchases, leads and capture emails.

Social Media. Deep marketing strategies through the following apps:



MobileFuse’s exclusive partnership with Onswipe allows for full-page “magazine-like” advertising with engaging touch-and-swipe capabilities for tablets. The interactive ads are highly customizable based on variables such as geo-location, message sharing, Twitter and Facebook usage, email, video, and call-to-action.

Rich media partners include:
phluant {mobile}celtramedialetsMediaMindCrispDoubleClickVdopiaappnexusFlashtalkingSizmekPointroll


We offer a variety of additional mobile solutions including but not limited to:Landing Pages, Ad Creation, Event Specific Apps, Mobile Personas, SMS Campaigns, Mobile Research, Network-wide Roadblocks, Campaign Management and Social Activation Platform.